park-lane-chick-page-0-1The sale of the Park Lane Mall property just recorded with a sales price of $27,500,000 or about $600,000 per acre.  Design concepts will be presented to the Council in 3 weeks on an informational basis and I suspect the planning team behind the W 2nd Street District won’t be at the table this time.

When I’ve looked at Park Lane in the past, it started penciling at $20M.   It’s a new day, and $27.5M probably works for a well-funded developer.  In the end, the seller didn’t suffer too much on the investment, and the Reno National Siegel Sanctuary will get developed.

  • Steak and Shake coming to 400 South Meadows Parkway – permits just filed.


  • Las Vegas Raiders – Geopower has been asking me to bow in with a post on the Specials Session to approve $750M in “public” funding and the Washoe County circus to fill our vacant Senate and Assembly seats.  Meh.  It’s a done deal (typo said dome!), I hate any sort of public funding for private business (especially without profit participation), and what I think really isn’t going to count.


  • WC1 – Don’t be a moron, vote Yes.  WCSD is a frickin’ mess to say the least, their Board is worse, and I’m certain there will be some abuse of process distributing the funds raised for school construction/renovation.  But at a cost of a latte a week, I’ll take the gamble and try to give our students a fighting chance to succeed.