Parking LotA standard 90 degree parking space in Reno is 9′ wide by 19′ deep.  In Sparks, it is 8′ wide by 16′ deep.  Go out and measure your car, then tell me who has it right.  Both require a 24′ aisle.  Who is doing a reality check and supporting redevelopment?

  • There are 20,000 units of housing either approved or moving up the chain in Cold Springs, and this is the work force stuff at best case  that will be built first as our region expands.  Cold Springs is going to bear the brunt of at least 50% of our regional housing growth over the next decade.  395 is already a nightmare especially at the bowl, but developer traffic studies only include their impacts up to the on ramps.  I’m sure RTC and NDOT are all over this trend and are planning accordingly.  Or not.
  • What’s wrong with this picture? new-virginian1


  • I’m thinking this PERMIT may be a typo on the APN? If not, WOW!
  • 1250 Sullivan Lane, Sparks.  32 1 bedroom workforce housing units going vertical, again in Sparks not Reno.  This single project tops all the units added in Downtown/Midtown Reno over the past year.  Or 2.IMG_2015