LookingLots of movement downtown, but not a lot of action.  Here is what I track almost daily:

  • The Standard Student Housing – I reviewed a 50% construction document set 2.5 months ago.  No permits for new construction have been filed, no demo permits for the now vacant and boarded up existing structures have been filed.  It is starting to feel like this one is going South.  If there is a land sale, it will kill the assumptions of below.
  • W 2nd Street District – The permit for 235 Ralston has been ready to pick up for over 3 months.  A $435,000 deed of trust was recorded, but I think it was only to pay off the deluded consultants on the project, certainly not construction financing.  Everybody HATES how this proposal was presented (Council to the developer community). I like the idea, and give it a .0% chance of happening.
  • Park Lane Mall – WTF? – Smart developers NEVER talk about projects in process until they close.  I think the public stance is only a negotiating ploy.  Show me a closed deal.