Sorry about the lack of posts lately, but I’ve been looking for some very specific recordings that haven’t happened yet.

  •  Italian Capital sale to the Standard for student housing.  This will reset downtown property values.
  • 235 Ralston – Approved permit, but $300,00 to pick it up.  This is the first piece of the West 2nd Street District, and it looks like a fail.  235 Ralston just received a $435K loan, but I think it is just to pay off the consultants.
  • 1402-1416 Tonopah – Yeah, my project working its way through the permit process and some units are back into the permit loop.  Certainly not “affordable housing” as the Council is defining it.
  • Ridges at Hunter Creek – $10M+ sale of whackadoodle development in the UWI.
  • Somersett County Club Value Engineering permit – word is that they ar $1M over budget going in.

Stay tuned.