• Sunset Bluffs Site 2Sunset Bluffs above Mogul failed in 2008, leaving that gaping sore you see from I-80.  It was really the only visible memento of the crash that we saw here on the West Side of town, but was horrific and still is.  A permit was filed today to complete the SITE WORK on the project at a cost of $2,835,926 spread out among the potential 41 finished lots.  Land and development costs will exceed $100,000 per lot in an area with zero services, dangerous freeway access, and none of the cache of Somersett.  I want the scar removed, and wish the developer luck.  They will need it.
  • Not to be confused with Sunset Bluffs, The Bluffs Apartments are on W 4th Street just east of the Bella Vista development.  Originally 8 SFR lots, a large apartment complex was approved under Reno’s wildly ambitious W 4th Street Transit Corridor Plan.  Now going back to SFRs.
  • Mesa Rim Climbing Center – The hit of San Diego is coming here!  I think the address will end up being 980 Hahvahd Way at Yale, but is definitely APN 13-281-03.  After buying the dirt for $1,471,019, there is a permit filled for a new $2,841,175 12,641 SF building.
  • Meridian 120 has applied for mapping on the first 98 units next to Cabela’s – Frankenwarehouse – New Boomtown Truck stop.  There seems to be well testing going on right now at the SW corner of the Garson exit.  As a neighbor, I’ve got to ask why there isn’t a comprehensive traffic study that includes ALL the projects coming to this intersection.