Permit ImageReno has the Acela permit tracking system, which is generally used for contractors to schedule inspection and architect to track their permit submissions.  But anyone can have a lot of fun digging through the data it provides.


This is the Virtual Permit Place.

  •  Engineering – This is parcel maps for the most part.  You can enter the street or specific street number you are interested in and see what has been filed.  Or done enter anything, scroll down to Search and hit enter, and you will see a chronological list of engineering permits filed.
  • Planning – Same search tools as Engineering.  Planning intake is typically the 2nd Monday of the month, so some interesting stuff should start showing up soon.  Also check out the DRMs about mid-month.
  • Enforcement – Same search parameters.  It is really fun to see neighbors narc on each other for weeds and abandoned cars.
  • Building – This is what I track on a daily basis.  Enter nothing in the search fields and hit Enter on the bottom of the page to bring up a list of recently submitted permits.  You can enter an address range to track a specific location (try 1401 and Virginia to see what is active at the old Heritage Bank project.  Note that Morgan’s is back in Review status, and click on Processing Status to see what is going on).  One of my favorites is search by Parcel Number.  This doesn’t have to be complete.  To see what permits are in the system for Reno controlled Verdi, just enter 038 (the Assessor’s Book Number and the first 3 digits of the APN) and enter.  For most of Somersett enter 232.  Most of downtown is 010, 011, 012, 013 or 014.

The system has recently been “upgraded” and is a little buggy right now, but there is a wealth of information when you start to understand the drop down menus. Say you want to research 235 Ralston, the keynote of the proposed W 2nd Street District.  Go to Building, enter 235 Ralston in the address field (or just Ralston and pick from the results).  Pick the reports you want to see – Processing Status is the most important, typically.  235 is ready to pick up mostly – there are always details to handle at the end – and has been for a month.  Check out the Fees tab – it claims not to be accurate but it is.  235 needs to pay a $300K permit fee to pick up and active their permit.  Now when I see that at no financing recorded for a project, I start to wonder how real it is.  Just sayin’.  Picking up a permit and paying the fees is where the rubber meets the road.

Enter BLD16-06362 into the Permit Number field on Building.  That’s one of mine.  If you delve into it, it is an active permit with a Revision going on for Morgan’s Lobster Shack at Blake Smith’s 1401 Midtown project.  You could also find this by entering 1401 and Virgin in the address fields and selecting Morgans.  As of right now if you pull up Processing status, Building was supposed to respond by today and they haven’t, and Planning review is sort of messed up in the system.

Anyway, the Virtual Permit Place is a really fun tool to keep you up on what is happening in your neck of the woods.  And elsewhere.  Find anything cool or unexpected?  255 Sierra?