Lifestyle-page-0So where are we going to build from here?  A decade ago, the Center For Regional Studies at UNR had a graphic showing 65,000+ lots at least the Tentative Map stage.  Many of these have lost their entitlements  due to noncompliance with their time triggers, but I have never ever seen a single project denied reinstatement.

HERE is a graphic I put together of the major projects I know of lurking out there.  I’m sort of winging it from memory in some cases and I’m sure I’m missing other major projects in the pipeline.  Some comments:

  • North Valleys is going to be a shit show.  15,000 units with 395 as the only way in or out.  Can you imagine the Spaghetti Bowl in 10 years?
  • Copper Canyon failed once, but may now be in the primo location of all.
  • Balardini Ranch was controversial and cost the County a $13M settlement.  Hate me if you want, but given its location on McCarran and in-place infrastructure, it should be massively up-zoned.
  • Everything happening to the West around Verdi will still not support new retail out there in the former sticks.  Watch for the TCA project to resurface.
  • A second loop road is need on the north side.  Just connecting Pyramid to 395 won’t cut it.

The sewer connection fee for a SFR at Bordertown is the same as in Midtown.  So is the Transportation Impact Fee.  How can that be right? Reno/Sparks/Washoe, time to get your acts together and work regionally to funnel growth where it is reasonable and where it can be serviced.