Building 16Here is the media package released for Clarksville.  Some of the files are huge.

I watched the developer presentation and was a perplexed as the Council was.  This was supposed to be a “simple” request to start the Development and Disposition Agreement process with the City, but turned out to be a full on dog and pony marketing presentation. Don J Clark group didn’t even do enough preparation to know how much time they had to present (not Cathexes’ first time at this rodeo).  Then a serial parade of “experts” to talk about things totally unrelated to the request before Council.

Council and RGJ have picked up on the big issues:

  •  Cathexes’ financial track record and current IRS liens.
  •  Ownership of properties vs. “control”, and the total misrepresentations presented.  I wanted to smack Susan Clark for her statements about the delays posting on the Assessor’s site, when we can all clearly see the information on the Recorder’s site.
  •  Transfer tax discrepancies on the Town House, one of only 4 properties the developer owns.

I hope this goes well for the developer and the City, because it would be a nice development.  The developers only have prove they have financing (they don’t, are trying to crowd funding 235 Ralston by reports).

I love the proposal – there was not one current architectural buzzword left out.