Around TownAfter the generally favorable reception to their proposal to abandon the alley between Center and Lake Streets, the Standard is back proposing abandoning a 10′ strip of Lake Street along their property.  Somehow, they believe this will enhance the pedestrian experience (as well as increasing their building envelope).  OK guys, just put all your cards on the table so the City can evaluate the deal.  This development by 1000 cuts approach is unattractive.

  •  Airport Square hits the auction block next month.  The in-line retail is slowly filling up, but there is a gaping hole where Petco and Office Depot used to be.  Costco owns their own building and some parking, but I think they must have a shared parking agreement with the rest of Airport Square.  $5M opening bit on 18 April.
  • The Frankenwarehouse proposed next to Cabela’s has been redesigned into a slightly smaller 4 Building Complex.  The loading docks have been relocated into a central aisle, which will make 24 hour operations less offensive.  Breaking up the buildings will slightly mitigate the “White Cliffs of Verdi” appearance from Old US 40 and the River Oaks subdivision.
  • Reno’s Historical Resources Commission is holding a Special Session on Thursday the 8th.  This should be worth attending – the sold agenda items is discussion of the University’s plan to nuke the houses in the Gateway District.