Ho Hum EighthHo Hum was almost ours, but we lost out in a semi corrupted court ordered bidding war. Instead of up to 5 stories with new retail and lofts, we have another Hobotel forever.  Could have been THIS with SF loft plans like THIS.

VAT (Virginia Arroyo Tonopah) is the existing Statewide Lighting Showroom that no one has ever been inside to make a purchase.  But the owners won’s sell just yet or probably ever.  I had it pegged as 38,000 SF of ground floor retail and enough parking to support a downtown Trader Joe’s.  32 or more lofts above.

Midtown is in a bind right now.  There is endless money chasing zero viable projects.  The old money owners keep holding on out of inertial or dreams of an unrealistic paydays.  So I just get to sketch and dream about urbanizing my little piece of the Biggest Little City.