sTETSON2Lots of action on the West Side of town right now.

Boomtown Industrial – the proposed 885,000 SF Industrial / Manufacturing building just north of Cabela’s has been approved by the Planning Commission.  The length of a small airfield, Dermody properties will purchase and develop the project after all entitlements are in place.  Dermody are good people, which is some consolation.

Meridian 120 – Meridian 120 is the residential portion of the Boomtown project west of the industrial property.  It has been submitted a Special Use Permit and some minor annexations, and is projected to be 273 single family units.

West Meadow Estates – West Meadows has also submitted their SUP for 324 single family units.  Like Meridian, the project is likely be be sold a Lennar type after entitlements are in place.

Park Place – Park Place is a 44 unit apartment project off Robb adjacent to the new memory care center.  It has been a decade since there has been new apartment construction in the NW, though I assume these will be mapped for condo conversion.

Montebello 2 – This project is the partially developed apartment pads just west Home Depot and the existing Montebello apartments.  This will be an interesting story to watch play out.  The original developer sold off this 41 acre property during the first Dot Com Bomb, and deed restricted the property to single family development that would not compete with their apartment project.  Reno has the property zoned MF14 multi family.  Duets or for sale townhouses might be able to satisfy both requirements.

Starbucks – Just about to break ground with a store and drive thru at Robb and Sharlands (technically Ambassador) between Maveriks and the new Hampton Inn.

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Reno has a neat, interactive map of development projects going though the Planning process.  Below that is the link to the DRMs (Development Review Memos).  The DRMs are often the first public notification about some pretty major projects, and are worth checking out monthly.