Dicks4The approved plan to add a 50,445 SF Dick’s Sporting Goods and a 53,561 SF new Century/Cinemark movie theater to Meadowood Mall has hit a snag.  The approved SPR (Site Plan Review)  has been appealed, and the City Council will hear the case on 9 September.  The Staff Report won’t be published until the end of the week, so it is only speculation that the appeal is coming from the Park Lane Mall folks who would lose their existing cinema to the new development.

420 Mount Rose Street in Cottage Row at Midtown closed escrow on Friday for $473,803.  That works out to $273/SF for the 1732 SF plan.  I have twice the number of for-sale infill units on the boards for Midtown than I do for-rent units, a complete turnaround in the last year.