457001[1]Yeah, the Pennington mansion at 2490 Manzanita just sold to a TRIC investor.  What the RGJ couldn’t tell is for how much.  $8M, far below the original $18,500,000 asking price.  The house sits on over 20 acres of land. With an additional 15 acres next door potentially available, this is looking like a buy and scrape land deal to me.

Apple just applied for permits for 4 new 20,000 SF modular data center cluster buildings at their cloud farm east of Sparks.  This is there single biggest commitment ever, and should silence the folks that say Apple has given up on Reno.  By the way, the rumors that Apple was driving trucks of servers to a site in Tessera to get their tax breaks without ever unloading the truck or hiring the technical staff/consultants is false.  Apple has not applied for their approved tax breaks.

Cottage Row @ Midtown just raised their asking prices 5% or about $25,000 today.  But wait, they raised the prices on the properties that were already on the MLS as “Active/Pending”.  I have suspected that their pendings were a sham, and this backs that up.  Show me a closing.  show me a comp.

If you want to buy the Ramada Inn, tours start next week.  Does anyone know why this property ever got built in East Jesus?

Pulled up all the Siegel Group properties this week, and there are no pending permits in the system for any of them.

Reno Shake and Bake.  Director of Parks and Recreation “retired”.  Police Chief called it a day after getting publicly Schievie’d for sending officers to the Ukraine.  Director of the whole Community Development Department is leaving with no stated reason, no even to “peruse family matters” or to “peruse private sector opportunities”.  And now Fire Chief Hernandez may be off to Plano, TX where 2 in 2 out plays to a more receptive audience.  Your take on this upheaval?  Is Hillary cleaning house or are key personnel bailing on her?

Great discussion and debate in the last thread on gaming and Reno.  Keep it up!  Circus Circus is destined to close as is Harrah’s.  How do we rethink downtown now?