Verdi Insustrial Elevation-page-0Directly on the heels of the land around Boomtown being sold, the proposed Industrial Building is wending its way towards a 1 June Planning Commission hearing.  The building is 1500 feet long and 40 feet tall (up to 45 feet with the proposed variance).  It is claimed to be 855,000 SF, but is actually 885,000 SF if you backtrack through the parking calculations.  That is 7X the size of Cabela’s.  The exhibit with the Traffic Counts is HERE, and the more graphic site plans and elevations are HERE.

I say bring it on!  If there ever was a stealth location to bury a building this size, the bench north of Cabela’s fits the bill.  The traffic study is a bit goofy and has 90% of the truck traffic arriving from the east and then departing back to the east with 46 peak hour semis.  The traffic study does not take into account the new Boomtown Truck Stop and the 415 semis per day it will generate not the 289 peak hour vehicles it will add to the Garson Intersection.

My only concern about these two mega projects is the Garson overpass.  It is a narrow 2 lanes and currently serves literally hundreds of bicycles on an average day plus the vehicular traffic and the occasional frightened poor soul on foot.  There are no pedestrian accommodations whatsoever.  RTC has a Garson/I-80 intersection rebuild project in their 2018 budget (unfunded), but it is really an NDOT issue.  So this is a plea to the Reno Bike Project, the Procrastinating Peddlers, and all the recreational cyclers out there to put the screws to NDOT to fix this woefully inadequate interchange STAT.  Reno will approve the Frankenwarehouse project, as they should, and the truck stop is already coming.  We don’t need dead people in the name of progress.