24001[1]Project 8 was my code name for 888 Mount Rose Street, the Mapes Walker mansion (Google it for a lot of history on Gloria Mapes Walker).  Sitting on 3.18 acres on the ever growing fringes of Midtown, it is zoned SF9 for 9000 SF lots.  Across the street to the north the zoning drops to SF6.

The property is/was listed at $1.6M and is now in contract, but that made the entry price for any redevelopment really high for my guys.  The “smart” development scheme would be to scrap the mansion (it is not historic but is over 50 years old, so would have to be reviewed by Reno’s Historic Resources Commission) and build as close as possible to be maximum 15 parcels allowed (I maxed out a 12 with access easements).  My SCHEME  was to restore the mansion into 3 or 4 units (requiring a Special Use Permit in a single family zone) and build around 9 new homes.  Everyone loved the concept, but didn’t want to be the ones to disrupt the neighborhood.  I have no idea what the prospective owners plan to do, but it would actually be sad if the restored the mansion and did not redevelop.  Cities evolve, and 3 acre estates adjacent to a Transit Corridor are relics.

It has been sort of amusing seeing the Marmots being dissed over at the Downtown Makeover site for not adding units when I know that they have over 10 in the permit loop.  528/538 Sinclair is my favorite.  They are digging a courtyard between two bungalows and adding wicked pisser basement units that won’t feel like basement units.  124/126 Caliente  each get an additional bedroom, bathroom and sleeping loft.  3 new units at 130 Caliente.  2 more dig downs with courtyards at 225/231 Moran.  227 Moran like you would never believe possible.