Sleeping Marmot 3The cute ones in the wild don’t.  The Midtown variety do.

The Marmots of Midtown have been going through a really messy, convoluted, reverse buy back from their former financial partner.  It is over now, and they have regained control of their former assets they want to hold onto going forward.  Since June, the ownership and management of most of what you think of as “Marmot” has not been Marmot.  The new sheriffs are back in town, and they are kicking butt and taking names.

So what does this mean for Midtown/Wells?  Great things, all in all.  A lot of dirt moving, and a lot of great new product for the rental market.  3 new units and 2 expanded on Caliente.  4 new basement units (you won’t call them basements when you see the plans!) in the Holcomb/Moran Assemblage.  A signature structure flying over the existing studio at 227 Moran.

So welcome back, you Furry Little Critters.  I know it has been painful for you leaving your tenants hanging out there, and they will love having you back in control of the property management.