OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board used to be where you got to hear about upcoming projects downtown first.  They kinda went away when the RDA ran out of money to do anything, but they are still around.  There is a meeting Wednesday at 3 PM that should be of interest to downtown watchers – updates on the Kings Inn, West Street Plaza (Siegel), and Virginia Street Bridge are on the agenda.  If anyone could attend and post a report, it would be much appreciated!  The RAAB meetings are so infrequent it would literally be June before the minutes become public.

–  There is a massive cherry picker set up on Virginia Street in front of the Virginian Hotel – sidewalks are rerouted and traffic lanes are shifted.  It looks like signage work to restore the marquee, where the red has faded to a dusty rose.

–  Across the street, The Siegel Group looks like they are in contract to buy the Reno Arch Wedding Chapel building at 141/143 NVA, across from the Virginian and adjacent to the Nevadan which they are also in contract to purchase.  Interesting that you cannot reserve a room after 1 March on the Cal Neva website.

–  And as long as we being Siegel-centric tonight, he has been served with a $60K Preliminary Notice of Lien by his painter on the Nugget Courtyard project in Sparks.  Dude, this is what Retention clauses are about in contracts – you don’t stiff your local contractors and expect to have a good name in this town.  And the Siegel organization is getting a very bad reputation from EVERYONE they have dealt with, with from city agencies, advisory groups, contractors and tenants – the term “neckless goons” has been used to describe them.  I hope Siegel can work out his issues, learn to play by Reno Rules, and do some projects that contribute positively to both our residents and to his bottom line.