harrahsrenoThe parent company of Harrah’s is scheduled to go into a “controlled” bankruptcy tomorrow.  Want to join the deal pool on what this will mean for there Reno area projects?  I predict that either Harrah’s or Harvey’s at South Lake will be closed or sold immediately.  I predict that Harrah’s in downtown Reno will immediately close or sell all of their properties east of Center Street.  As a side note, EDAWN is scheduled to announce a MAJOR economic development project tomorrow.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Look for UNV to be added to the cast of characters on this one.

–  Reno Land Sales – Reno has published a public notice of their intent to sell to the highest bidder some ReTrak properties east of Keystone.  Reno is incredibly FUd knowing what they even own, and only seems to sell when someone has an offer on the table.  Minimum bid is the assessed value:

– 10-031-08  $96,872 (hard to justify)

–  10-610-01  $16,927

–  10-610-02  $95,558

–  10-610-05  $189,538

So I wonder who is interested in purchasing these Magic Fingers parcels along the downward slope of the train trench?  I think these parcels were originally optionable by SK Baseball, for what ever reason.  Sale of these would go to pay down the ReTrak bond debt, and no benefit the general fund if I understand things correctly.  And take a look at the NE corner of the map in blue.  This is the shuttered Winner’s Corner at 4th and Keystone.  In a quirk of geography, the city owns the parcel with the canopy over the fueling stations, and a private owner holds the mini mart.  In a David Cronenberg Eraser Head moment, Old Mayor Bob and Councilperson Brekhus BLOCKED the lease of this triangle that would have allowed this current hobocamp to reopen.

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– 100 Arlington – This is a weird 60’s mixed use project.  The 2nd Floor commercial condo unit is 10,500 SF and just sold for $620K.  Could “Start Up Row” actually be catching?  PLEASE, partner with the 3rd Floor owner and re-skin this beast.  I got out of my HexaGonagle phase decades ago!


Neon Marmot – Did  they go too far.  Lots of interesting comments from the Bungalow Huggers.