3 ProngA good friend and now client taught me a new phrase last week – the 3 Prong Load.  It is code for a tenant with lots of sophisticated electronics that can’t function with the old, ungrounded 2 prong outlets in an old house so the systems need to be upgraded.  I like it!

This post is going to be a brain dump of items I’ve got floating around that I want to clear by the New Year.  Maybe you’ll find something entertaining!

–  Lennar Somersett – Lennar’s projects now have names, but not web sites, pricing or plans.  The 100 unit project between the Vue and Sierra Canyon is called Plateau.  There are 2 model homes nearing completion and at least 11 inventory homes under construction that I’ve counted.  February availability.  The other Lennar project is the more upscale Wintercreek project, with March availability though I haven;t seen any hard construction there yet.

–  Somersett Country Club Sale – The lawsuit seeking an emergency injunction to halt the voting on the sale of SGCC to SOA was rejected by the Judge on the grounds that the harm would not be irreparable, and the plaintiffs still have legal options.  He interestingly noted that the plaintiffs will  most likely succeed in their suits against Somersett Owners Association.  Why SOA doesn’t just stop the contested vote and start anew is beyond me.

–  Somersett Commercial – All the commercial lots are once again spoken for.  The lot adjacent to the Club is slated for apartments/condos.  The site adjacent to the Town Center was purchased by SOA for $260,000 for “future amenities”.  And the site next to the Goddard School sold last week to Northwest Smiles LLC aka Reno Orthodontics Group for $135,000.  I’ll miss that lot a lot!  NoPIMP (No Pee In My Pool) was a sketch for an adults only swimming facility.  Goddard 11 or 12 was a set of moderately priced apartment/condos that took advantage of the killer view and idea solar orientation.

Goddard 12 11.1.2014



–  Midtown Housing – For all the commercial and retail development Midtown has seen in the last couple years, the housing element has lagged behind.  That will change in 2015, with more than 50 new units that I know of slated for construction.  The usual suspects of Haberae and The Marmots will be joined by some surprising newcomers.

–  The Saint –  Building permit have been pulled by the Brasserie Saint James folks to convert 761 SVA into the Saint nightclub.



–  CVS – The CVS at 7th and Keystone is about to be demolished and replaced by a new state of the art CVS plus a drive thru pad.  That CVS had an amazingly good garden department in the spring, and it will be missed.  I feel sort of sad that a better, denser use couldn’t be found for a site this close to UNR.

– Verdi – Hot on the tail of the approval of the nasty West Meadow Estates project, the developer has now purchase the 12 Acre River Bend Mobile Home Park.  The 30′ public access easement along the Truckee will at least save the swimming hole used by the locals for generations, but expect this to be another contentious project.

–  Hotel Swap – The Siegel Group already owns the Nevadan Hotel which is connected (and formerly leased by) the Cal Neva.  Siegel is apparently in contract to purchase the Virginian Hotel across the street from the Cal Neva.  Rumor on the street is that this will be a swap, with Siegel ending up with the Virginian and the Cal Neva getting the Nevadan back.

–  Logicenter – New permits just pulled for an additional 625,000 Sf of logistics buildings at 8020 and 8040 North Virginia.

I feel so much lighter now!  Check back for updates – there are probably more items for me to purge.