Exit 1 Elev-page-0–  I need to get over the hill more often (or at least to Gold Ranch to buy lottery tickets).  What I was tracking at the abandoned truck stop at Exit 1 on I-80 as a mini storage and RV storage facility (NOT a great “Western Gateway statement) has in fact morphed into the Verdi born and bred Snow Park Technologies.  This is one of the best building renovations in all of the Truckee Meadows and a GREAT Western Gateway statement!  Kudos to ECJ (Eric Johnson) Architects for a job well done.  You can see the plans for the renovation/expansion HERE.  There is more space on site to develop based on the LISTING, though the broker thinks that 100,000 SF may be pushing it.  Give Paddy Egan a holler if you or your company is interested in Western Gateway space.

–  KingsLightsDon’t get too giddy about the lights on and construction happening at the Kings Inn just yet.  It turns out the new owner/contractor was performing asbestos abatement without a permit, and the City had to shut them down.  Not an auspicious beginning for a project Reno has pledged ALL of its 2015 Affordable Housing funds towards.  Photo courtesy of Downtown Makeover, though I really just stole it.

–  So have you been to the Great Western Market Place yet?  I went opening weekend where maybe 15% of the stalls were leased and open, and the rest were painted with enough beige paint to cause a shortage at Home Depot.  According to plans working their way through Planning, the market mix may be changing with RV sales replacing the Events space, and a U-Haul rental facility in the parking lot.  I’m trying to give the concept a fair shake, but this one is doomed.

– More student oriented off campus housing coming to the NE corner of campus.  Building permits to clear a 12 acre site for “future student housing” were pulled last week.  The site is located between the existing Highlands and Sterling Sierra (what’s with all the water damage repair permits there?) and could accommodate up to 1000 bedrooms depending on the construction density.  I wouldn’t care a whit, but this is more development occurring on the wrong end of campus to support the highly publicized southern expansion into downtown.

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