ParkLaneCinema– Have you ever wanted to own your very own canyon?  You can buy a nice 14 acre one for $123,390.  This is the canyon that gives Canyon Center East of McCarran between I-80 and 7th Street its name.  Although it looks daunting and is zoned Open Space, I see some single family SF6 development on the eastern strip.  Let me know if any of you wants to give it a go!

One take-away here is that much of the open space we all assume is public land is in fact not.  Peavine can be developed about a half a mile up the slope north of Somersett.  Caughlin Ranch is girded by develop-able to the  north and west.


–  Dick’s Sporting Goods has a 50,800 SF big box superstore starting its journey through Reno Planning.  It will be located in the SE section of Meadowood Mall, tucked behind Sears.  Dick’s is a big enough deal that it probably could have qualified for STAR bond financing at the Outlets at Sparks if Sheel’s didn’t have an “exclusive”.

DicksElevations-page-0–  Along side Dick’s, Cinemark (Century) is planning a 54,350 SF multiplex movie theater.  Cinemark also owns the 58,633 SF Park Lane Cinema 16-plex only 2 miles away.  Park Lane was built in 1998, is no longer state of the art, was part of a traffic generating mall that has since been demolished, no one I know has anything good to say about the theater experience there, and I can’t imagine the same operator maintaining 2 complexes is such close proximity.  Strike 4 on Park Lame.

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