park laneThe owners of the former Park Lane have just recorded a  Parcel Map  on the northern portion of their property.  The existing parcel are a real mess, and this new map cleans things up.  But it also indicates imminent development intent, so lets take a look-see.

This is the original development plan, maybe the worst I have ever seen.




The developer initiated action to apply for a Special Use Permit to allow for 5 drive thrus along the Plumb frontage about a year ago.  Reno Planning indicated that they were not amused, as drive thrus are forbidden in this zoning district, and the anchor tenant was going to be CVS relocation from Shoppers Square across the street.

The latest brochure from the developer is HERE.  Not much of an improvement, but the new parcel map may indicate a change of direction.  The existing signalized entrance along Plumb Lane seems to being abandoned in Parcel B.  I think Parcel B is destined to be strip retail.  Parcel A still looks a lot like a CVS sized site to me.

Hey, Park Lane is a stain on the urban fabric and I hope it can be redeveloped.  But I fear that a huge opportunity to make a significant planning impact on Reno is going to be twiddled away by a developer with zero vision for the community and no other consideration other than their bottom line.