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WestStreetPlazaWhy do people think it is Reno’s responsibility to give them public land for their projects?

The Siegel Group is presenting before the City Council / Redevelopment Board on Wednesday.  Their PROPOSAL is that Reno give them Fulton Park at the corner of 1st Street and Arlington and the riverfront West Street Plaza to aid their redevelopment of the Truckee River Lane building.  They already lease the Java Jungle patio space from the Agency.  I completely understand why they want the land, and redevelopment could be very positive in this location.  But why not an easement or lease agreement like the patio?  Or can I have it if I ask nicely?

Our Lady of Snows is also up Wednesday with their proposal to steal a block of Wright Street so they can build parking and a new parish center.  The staff report is generally supportive (and has a lot of history of the last Snows Lander Street semi-abandonment project).  Wright is a goofy little 5 block street with a jog.  This block really is used 90% by Snows and won’t really affect the neighborhood to badly.  Why am I so adamantly against this abandonment?  First, the neighbor on Monroe Street should be receiving the half of the right of way fronting their property.  Second, Snows is a crappy neighbor and the added parking will allow them to be crappier.  But my main objection is that Snows has simply outgrown their neighborhood, and this certainly won’t be the last gimme they ask for.  Time to move on to a site where their current and future needs can be met without being an eternal pain the butt.  Beck Street Plaza?  Park Lane Mall?

I wanted to keep this post local and not mention the T word, but I gotta crow a little bit.  IBT Media (parent of Newsweek among other publications) has evidently been following the Tesla coverage on this blog.  They interviewed me prior to the Governor’s press conference to gauge the local reaction.  All INK is good ink!