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IMG_1628The massive construction you are seeing on Marsh above the Keystone cut is the Shapeshifter house for Peter and Turkey Stremmel.

I love modern architecture.  I will defend to the end a property owner’s right to build what they want on their property.  But I also recognize that neighborhood design restrictions can be a positive factor to maintain the special character that makes a neighborhood special.

This house is in the heart of Newlands Manor, the genteel center of classic homes and old money in Reno.  Though the Marsh and Palisades escarpments have a decent measure of modern houses, they somehow manage to fit into the neighborhood scale and design.  Shapeshifter is classic example of Fuck You architecture, an architectural expression totally unto itself without even a hint of a nod to the surrounding development pattern.   It’s compatibility to the neighborhood was personally approved by Reno’s Director of Community Development.

Want to know why people hate architects?  Read this rationale for the house.  Mental masturbation at it’s finest without a money shot.  Did the client actually buy into this program or just like the house?  They had another design permitted, then cancelled it and went with Housezilla instead.

What do you think?

Correction:  The Shapeshifter is not technically within the Newlands Neighborhood Plan area.  But ask the neighbors on Marsh where they live and the answer will be Newlands.