reno_city_hallReno is broke and getting broker.  It is seriously time to look at the City’s real estate assets, divest what isn’t necessary, and make some tough decisions on some other properties.

HERE is what the Reno Housing Authority owns.  Mostly subsidized and Section 8 housing.  But things like 1004 Forest in booming Midtown thrown into the mix.  Some of the newer purchases are probably deed restricted, but what can be sold should be sold.  You have to ask why the Reno Housing Authority owns property in Sparks at all.

HERE is the City of Reno list.  Parks, fire stations, city hall, weird streets.  There are a lot of RETRAK parcels and Redevelopment projects encumbered by Reno’s bond debt (some of the lots at Keystone / Chism are actually optioned by the Aces).  But there is a lot of fluff that could be sold off to the highest bidder.  30 NVA aka 10 NVA – the winter Rink on the River.  Did you know that Reno owns the Starbucks parking lot at 532 SVA?  190 Liberty is the historic old Southside School being rented out to non-profits for cents on the dollar and is ripe for loft redevelopment.  The dead condo project on Riverside?  307 Morrill and 1880 Mill?

Councilperson Brekhus has been pushing for a thorough review of Reno’s real estate assets throughout her term and running into a brick wall.  Why?

See any other low hanging properties?