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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe historic El Cortez Hotel closed escrow today with a purchase price of $2,175,000.  That works out to about $19,000 per room or $53/SF.  The sale includes the vacant lots at 244 and 490 W 2nd Street.  Another fine project from The Siegel Group.

–  Apple has applied for core and shell permits for 2 additional 20,000 SF data center buildings at their cloud farm east of Sparks.  In addition, they applied for tenant improvement permits to complete the last 2 of their current 4 building phase.  The current projects will bring the data center square footage over 140,000 SF plus their admin building and strange $500,000 free-standing bathroom.  HERE is a chronological list of their permits.

–  The Great Western Marketplace is already becoming less great.  Compare their original plan

GWM Plan-page-0 (1)

with their current plan.


–  Our Lady of (Perpetual Land Grab) Snows’ application to abandon the block of Wright Street adjacent to their “campus” goes before the Reno City Council on Wednesday 20 August.  You can view the entire application HERE.  I’m not sure if owner Noticing has gone out yet, but 90% of the neighborhood is renters and won’t necessarily hear about the change to their ‘hood. As Snows points out, over 95% of the Wright Street Traffic is already related to church/school activity.  On the negative side:

*  Reno has a policy against abandonment and to maintain the existing street grid.

*  The “professionals” who prepared the application forgot that in an abandonment, half of the right of way gets dedicated to the adjacent property.  The area that should be dedicated to 665 Monroe (blue box below) was “missed”.

*  Snows is famously opaque, and no one believes that this request is the end of their neighborhood domination campaign.  Sometimes a use just outgrows its site and it is time to relocate.

*  They simply don’t need the abandonment to achieve their stated goals.  A slight redesign of the new 30,000 SF parish center and/or a variance to allow a zero lot line setback from Wright Street.  The 18 parking spaces I show eliminated would be replaced by the existing on-street parking.

Wright Abandonment-page-0