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TeslaGateLance Gilman absolutely hates it when the media refers to Tahoe Reno Industrial Center as TRIC.  Dude, if I also owned the brothels next story and was a sensitive type, I might have gone with Reno Tahoe Industrial Center.  Just sayin’.

So what do you need to know about TRIC?  First of all, it is vast – 167 square miles (for reference, the Martis forest fire was 15 square miles).  Second, it is its own little fiefdom within Storey County.  TRIC approves construction plans and sends them on to the County for a rubberstamp.  HERE is the approved development agreement.  Hard core industrial and manufacturing uses are per-approved, sort of a little unregulated future Superfund site.

Want to live near TRIC to ease your commute?  You can’t.  The back-end of the development agreement above has maps of where housing is allowed in Storey County.  Feather River  had a 320+ unit SFR development approved at Wadsworth, but they got foreclose.  G Blake Smith of Somersett fame/infamy proposed the Cordevista  development on a site so remote it had been previously approved for rocket fuel testing, and Storey refused to change the zoning.  Man, that got really legal and ugly if you Google it.  Storey has decided (probably correctly) that residential development is nasty and can’t support its costs to service it.  Who needs housing next to a toxic industrial complex that is paying the freight?

TRIC wants to connect their USA Parkway from I-80 to US 50 near Silver Springs.  This would open up potential air freight from the Silver Springs airport, and make the center much more accessible from Carson and the meth labs in Silver Springs itself (seriously, I have traveled this country extensively, and Silver Springs is the worst place on earth).  The proposal from TRIC?  We will build the road, bill NV $40M for it and dedicate it to the fine citizens of the state.  We just won’t built it to state standards, pay prevailing wages, or respect the cultural artifacts we may find in the process.  NDOT WISELY passed on the deal.

So we have a developer trying to land the biggest economic development project in the world right now, and he is meeting with Mistress Donna to set her hourly rates in the morning and then meeting Elon Musk in the afternoon.  This is a little too wild west for my comfort zone.

Should Tesla be locating at TRIC?  Absolutely yes based on logistics and all practical considerations.  Will they?  Ask Albuquerque how true to their agreements Tesla is.  Can Nevada bend over far enough to make this happen?  In the end I sort of doubt it, and I will respect NV if they call bullshit on Tesla’s unprecedented welfare demands.  That said, I hope we can get it.