teslacrashSome comments about the details that have leaked out:

–  WG Yates is indeed the general contractor for the project, as speculated here in June.  Their construction sign was on the locked project front gate shown in the KTVN report last night.

–  CH2MHILL is the architect/engineer, also from the construction site signage.  A totally legitimate firm, and one of the few large enough to handle a project this large (I had speculated Albert Kahn Associates). Note to Jason, AJ and B O’D – track down the signage company and see what else they have printed up!

–  Tesla does not own the site yet.  TRIC developer Lance Gilman has been quoted about how the megapad can be repositioned for other users if Tesla bails out.  I’m assuming Tesla paid for the pad development, but that is not a guarantee.

–  The pad is 5 million SF and the factory is predicted to be 10 Million SF, so it sounds like 2 storeys.

–  Lance Gilman was quoted that the steel for the structure has been ordered, but could be repositioned for another Tesla site.  I’m not so sure that is 100% feasible.

–  It was amusing to see F & P Construction finish the pad development ahead of schedule, and shaking up Tesla’s well rehearsed and controlled narrative for the project.

–  Tesla wants 10% of the factory construction cost to come from the State in the form of cash or incentives.  One jenius commentator on the RGJ figured this would amount to about $800,000 per new job created ($500,000,000 / 6500 jobs), not a credit to the Nevada education system.  Still, at $80,000 per job, it is pretty expensive – $180 per Nevadan.

–  Pretty much any new manufacturing facility in NV is going to get a hefty incentive package (property tax abatement, sales tax abatement, and anything else that will stick to the wall).  We don’t make money on the manufacturing, but we DO on the jobs created.  Sales tax, property tax, construction jobs for new housing, service jobs to support the new residents.

–  Tesla claims they will break ground in a couple other locations, but has not done so to date.  I continue to believe this is a bit of a red herring as the costs could hit $30,000,000 pretty quickly.  That’s not chump change to any publicly traded corporation.

–  I would love to hear the details of the tax and incentive package being requested by Tesla and being offered by the state.  That won’t happen until the deal is done, unfortunately, and probably not even then – Tesla has a bad track record of bolting from approved deals – ask Albuquerque.