195 W 2nd Street is the Olympic Motel.  This 20 unit motel/weekly was purchased for $890,000 in 2001 and completely remodeled in 2006, and sold for $858,949 in August 2008.  The transaction appears to be a deed in lieu of foreclosure and a resale by the bank for $565,000 or $28,250 per door.

180 E 1st Street is the about-to be-former home of Men Wielding Fire and La Familgia before that.  Purchased by the developer of the proposed Waterfront Tower condos for $578,801 in October 2003, and foreclosed upon in November 2011 and for sale ever since.  New sales price this week was $255,000.

600 S Center Street sold last week for $580,000.  This is a 6000 SF commercial building on a double lot in the heart of Midtown, and last sold for $573,500 in December 2002.  $97/SF.  Maytan Music at 777 Center recently sold for $1.4M or $58/SF and included an additional lot.

1700 SVA is an odd little building wedged between a used car lot and a donut shop.  Quite a bit of land was added to the back of the site when Holcomb Street was realigned.  Purchased for $359,999 in July 2008, and resold for $229,000 or $144/SF.  When I looked at the building, I couldn’t get any use to pencil at over $100/SF.

894 S Center Street is an end unit in the 8 on Center project that pioneered Midtown redevelopment.  “Sold” for $495,000 to establish a comp for the other units, the property was foreclosed on in November 2011, and resold for $189,900 in January 2012.  The unit sold 2 weeks ago for $330,000.