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MovingDirtF and P Construction is airing THIS ad on local TV.  I’ve never seen a media campaign by a contractor before.  Why do I suspect all applicants will need to sign a non disclosure agreement?

F and P is the permit holder for the grubbing of 520 acres at Tahoe Reno Industrial Center aka TRIC.  It sounds like work on the Tesla site is going hardcore.

Tesla Grub Permit-page-0

WG Yates was conducting interviews at a Midtown restaurant last week.  They have built the only large-scale lithium-ion battery plant in the US for Nissan, and they are presumed to be Tesla’s General Contractor.  One interviewee was overheard claiming experience in projects of this size and scope  (10,000,000 SF) and was chastised that NO ONE has experience on a project like this.  He did not make it to round 2.  I’d feel a lot better if Yates wasn’t advertizing to hire at their San Antonio office.

Tesla is here, folks.