MickeyDThe Midtown Plan specifically denies drive-thrus as an approved use.  This is supposed to be a pedestrian oriented neighborhood after all.  The new owner of the Heritage Bank building at 1401 SVA has an application that will be heard by the City Council tomorrow for an alley abandonment, whose only purpose is to grandfather the bank’s existing drive-thru’s for fast food use.  The STAFF REPORT is tepid at best, but Reno Community Development is supporting the abandonment whole hog.

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The only motivation from the developer to abandon the alley is so that he can get car stacking space for a drive through (he is doing the same trick at the US Banking Building with Starbucks, so I assume this is also his Midtown tenant).  The renderings I have seen only shows 1 drive-thru for the coffee vendor, so 1 more drive-thru position is being reserved for future use.  Mickey D’s?  Popeye’s?  KFC?  Is that what you want for Midtown?

Just Say No.  Contact your Council Member.