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TeslaCoilFrom the day Tesla released their first press release and graphics about the Gigafactory, the aerial photo sure reminded me a lot of Northern Nevada.  Specifically, the bowl around Reno Stead Airport.  Here is Tesla’s rendition of the Gigafactory:



SteadGigaTesla-page-2Here is an aerial photo from the Reno Stead Airport web site:

SteadAerialLooks pretty familiar, doesn;t it?  Teslamondo has a detailed comparison of the 2 photos.  Does this mean Tesla is coming here?  No, just that we have been a serious enough contender from day one that they used Stead for their graphic.  HERE is an interesting read on how some Texans view their legislature outlawing Tesla’s direct sales model in the state!

Want another gem of circumstantial evidence?  There is a real estate broker in town tasked with finding 50 executive caliber homes in good neighborhoods to rent or purchase.

I think that in the end, Tesla’s dual (or triple) tracking of sites is a bit of a smoke screen.  The logistics of site purchase, preliminary design, permitting, and entitling for multiple sites would be hugely complex and expensive.  Which also begs the question of who is designing and building this?  Assuming that it is design build, there are probably only 20 or so contractors nationwide with adequate bonding limits.  Ask your friends at Bechtel or Parsons Brinkerhoff what they are working on!