ballardiniranch–  The battle to develop the Ballardini Ranch in west Reno has been going on over 15 years.  HERE is a brief history of the project through 2006.  Washoe County eventually had to pay $13.5M the the developers, Evans Creek LLC.  Ballardini is back requesting Annexation into Reno and a Master Plan Amendment requesting 1875 units of housing.  I feel this is a good project, but expect there to be a lot of very loud debate on it.

–  A not so good project is West Meadows Estates on the Reno/Verdi border.  The proposal for nearly 500 units on 100 acres got a spanking from the Planning Commission last week.  Besides the absurd density, the project would have a 8-9 minute fire response time and not the Reno required 6 minute response.  Expect the project to limp back in front of the Commission in 2 months with 300 units and sprinklers in each house to mitigate the fire response.

–  Action at the Summit Mall in south Reno.  The developers Reno Retail LLC has just sold 27.8 vacant acres of the project to Redus Reno LLC, a division of Wells Fargo Bank.  WFB hold the $125M master deed of trust for the entire shopping center.  It is hard to say if this is a retrenchment or preparation for additional development.  The area in question is labelled Phase 2 (the map is rotated 90 degrees – the parcel is to the west of the existing).


–  Montreux just filed subdivision maps for 49 new lots.

–  And what’s a post without Tesla Speculation?  If they intend to “break ground” on a Gigafactory site in June, it would stand to reason that the planning and permitting process should be underway – approvals can be fast tracked but still need to be legal.  I’ve searched the permit records for both Reno Stead Airport (Reno) and Reno Technology Center (Washoe – Apple data farm) and nothing shows up.  I’ve been keeping current on Planning agendas.  One thing that caught my eye was the Regional Plan Goals & Policies of the Reno-Stead Airport 2013 which was completed in December 2013.  This document was approved by the Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency on March 14 and the minutes were approved last week at the May 14 meeting.  If Tesla wants to come to Reno-Stead Airport, the land use underpinnings seem to be in place.  Coincidence?