VillaToscanaDR Horton has just taken baby steps to jump-start their Villa Toscana project at Sharlands and Mae Ann / Mesa Park.  This is the last “major” shovel ready project in the NW outside of Somersett.

Originally designed as 240 triplex units cloning their Esplanade project in the South Meadows (think Wind Ranch Road), mass site work was complete before they pulled the plug the day before the foundations were to be poured in 2007.  DR Horton went back to work and redesigned the site for 83 SFRs, redid the site work, refaced the block retaining walls with stone, then withdrew their subdivision map application.  They have just received a new Subdivision Map for a whopping 5 units at the Mae Ann back door to the project.  Not a huge commitment, but a start.  Design-wise, if the project matches their prior submittal, expect another sea of beige SSBs.