CaughlinRanchItem L4 on tomorrow’s Reno City Council agenda is a request from Mayor Bob Cashell for staff time to be used to study annexing Caughlin Ranch into the City from the County.

Most of Caughlin Ranch as you think of it is already with the City of Reno Boundaries.  But the more custom home areas west of Caughlin Parkway are (defiantly) under Washoe County jurisdiction.  Excluding this area from Reno’s Sphere of Influence and right to annex was part of a contentious lawsuit and settlement immortalized in the sacred Region Plan.  I don’t know what Mayor Bob is smoking.

What I think he is calling “Caughlin Ranch” for annexation purposes is everything in the island that previous annexations have created.  This would include Juniper Trails (Eagle’s Nest), Juniper Hills (the “real” Reno), Highland Park (where I own land under development – see Mayberry Canyon), and probably Ambrose between Mayberry and the Truckee.  Here is a MAP of the area.

What would annexation mean for the residents?

– Instant 15% increase in property taxes (there is some trade off on fire department services).

– Adherence to Reno Zoning Codes, which are heavily weighted towards new subdivisions and Balkanized micro neighborhood plans.

–  No more chickens in the backyard or the flexibility to build Accessory Dwellings, both if which Reno prohibits.

–  Having to deal with Reno government instead of the County.  ‘Nuf said.

I’m pretty sure Reno Planning staff will get their go ahead to study the annexation. I am equally sure that holy jihad (I can say that here, Fred!) will ensue from the affected homeowners including Governor Brian Sandoval.  Why Mayor Bob is risking the support of this Red stronghold in an election year is beyond me.

Anyway, should be an interesting discussion.  Any thoughts from the annexees?