bigappleApple just applied for permits for 4 additional “data cluster buildings” on their campus near Mustang.  And this time the are going large.  Reverse engineering from the permit fees, the base building construction cost of these 4 buildings is $18.2M and the tenant improvement costs are $28.7M.  with the site prep permit, the value is nearly $50,000,000 (and permit valuation is always drastically under permit cost).  The equipment cost is probably at least equal to the construction cost.  HERE is Apple’s permit log since they bought the property, including the world’s most expensive detached bathroom.

No action to report on Apple’s downtown outpost, though locating in Tessera seems out of the question.  The old Post Office comes up often in discussion (loading docks already exist, great retail presence if the want an Apple Store). I would guess that Apple will want to get a facility up and running ASAP so they can take advantage of the tax breaks they have been given to uncrate the server components in Downtown Reno.

And Tesla’s Giga Factory?  The site announcement is projected for later this week.  Reno/Washoe is a natural from a logistics standpoint – halfway between the Western Lithium mine north of Winnemucca on the Idaho line and the production facility in Fremont.  How far did NV bend over to get this project and was it enough?  We will know soon.  If we get it, it is a game changer for our entire region.