K-MartWhat is the Great Western Marketplace going to be?  “Opportunity Without Limitations.”  “A Unique Weekend Shopping Experience. Coming Soon! Check Back Often, Exciting Thing.”

Whatever it is going to be, it is going to be large.  They purchased the 166,000 SF former K-Mart on Summit Ridge off of McCarran, and have been pulling a string of relatively minor permits over the last few months.  I wish them the best of luck, though the locational challenges that K-Mart ran into have not changed.

FloorDecorIn more retail news, Floor and Decor Outlet is opening a 50,000 store in the Firecreek Crossing shopping center in the SW.  I believe this is in the old Safeway location, though it might be the old Circuit City.  They pulled a $700,000 construction permit on 13 December, and construction is underway.  Watch out Home Depot!