park laneScheduled to come before the Planning Commission in January, the developers of the Park Lane Mall site are requesting special use permits for 24 hour operation and drive-thrus.  This first phase of development only encompasses the Plumb Lane and South Virginia frontages and not the meat of the site.  HERE is the application, which includes the new site plan and building elevations.  This is the old site plan which is pretty much the basis for the new plan:

ParkLane-01I’m the most pro-development guy in Reno, but this project is absolute crap.  The first phase of proposed development includes 4 separate drive-thrus.  The buildings are pedestrian unfriendly (mean, actually) turning their backs to SVA and Plumb.  The Plumb Lane frontage gets a meth-mouth treatment of buildings and parking, and the SVA frontage is little better.  And the overall master plan is just ghastly inappropriate and has very little chance of ever being realized.  This can’t be the highest and best use for this site.

So I urge the Planning Commission to reject these Special Use Permit applications until a workable and beneficial master plan is presented.  They won’t, because they have never met a drive-thru they didn’t love and they really do not understand the concept of “planning”.  This could become another fight at the City Council level to repudiate the Planning Commission’s approval – the new Council is actually pretty astute on long term planning issues especially in Midtown and the SVA Transit Corridor.

I know what I would do with the Park Lane site – world class long and short track speed skating and hockey facility with ice for our figure skaters.  What are your ideas?  They have to be better than a CVS, a Sizzler Sirloin Pit, multiply cell phone stores, and a Carl’s Jr.