smallmartA Special Use Permit application for a 180,000 SF big box retail building will be heard by Sparks Community Service at 6 PM 21 November 2013.  Welcome to Wally World.

This is a bit smaller than the typical Wal-Mart format, which can top 250,000 SF.  In comparison, the existing Wal-Marts in the area are:

–  5260 7th Street – 205,916 SF

–  2455 2nd Street – 187,240 SF

–  155 Damonte Ranch – 205,285 SF

–  5065 Pyramid – 197,159 SF

HERE is the proposed location of the project.  Wow, the proposed Olympia Gaming hotel casino site just to the south keeps getting smaller and smaller.

The proposed site is in the Legends STAR Bond District, meaning that 3/4 of the sales taxes generated go back to development cost and not to Sparks / Washoe.  While Wal-Mart won’t be shamelessly closing another store outside the district like Target and Lowe’s did, the new store will certainly siphon off sales tax revenue from surrounding retailers.

Will Sparks, who is usually pretty canny on development issues outside of the Legends district, continue their fiscal assisted suicide on this SUP application?  You bet they will.  They really have a hard time stopping development at Legends based on the STAR bonds terms they negotiated our of desperation.  The new IMAX and theater complex there is going to decimate the city sponsored Victorian Square Century Cinemas, but Sparks approved it anyway.

To Mashedpotatos (sic).  I can assure you that no one in Somersett gives a rat’s ass about a Wal-Mart in Sparks.  But it is important in a region sense so I write about it.  Likewise, upheaval in one of the largest HOAs in the area might not have a direct bearing on a 12th Street Sparks resident, but it also has regional impact.  So cut me some slack when I post on things you don’t care about and cut your comment whore allegation.  It is simply not the case.