200postsWordPress tells me that this is my 200th post on this blog.  Well, that’s cheating a bit, since I originally used the site to compose and test out articles for the Reno Realty Blog. Still, a lot of hardcore real estate news in the last 2 years.  So tonight’s post has a numbers theme.

–  $100,000,000.  That’s the construction value of projects I have heard about within a 3 block radius of City Hall.  I think at least 60% of them will happen.

–  6.  The number of City Council members who voted to approve the amendments to the Midtown Neighborhood Plan last Wednesday.  It would have been a 7, but Mayor Bob was absent.  I was truly impressed by the Council’s ability to understand what the Plan will mean to promote a thriving Midtown District, and their quick study on how the proposed changes to the Plan will enhance this mission.  The revised Plan comes back for a 1st hearing on 23 October.

–  2.  The number of Reno police detectives you can expect to visit your home if you innocently use the idiom “jihad” in an email, rather than the more politically correct “global thermonuclear war” or more the simply put “shit storm”, both of which RDP assured me would be acceptable and beyond reproach in genial communications.

–  $160,000 – The current asking price of a Belvedere condo.

–  $66,000 – The current asking price of a similar unit at Sierra Vista Condos at 567 W 4th Street.  Short / REO listings are in the $25,000 range.

–  $200/SF – Current asking (and selling) price per square foot at the Montage.  Montage has just reduce the asking for several unit – maybe they are hitting the wall.  Original sales after the foreclosure were in the $125/SF range.

–  75.  Most comments on a post – The $75 Bucket of Balls. Go Baghdad Barry!

–  2191 – Most popular post – the River Inn.  Thanks to my friend Pat for suggesting the idea and contributing the photos for this post.  There seems to be endless fascination about the River Inn and what it may someday become again.

Who knows what #201 will be about?  Any suggestions to keep me going?