razorwireInteresting PERMIT submitted by Apple to secure their Mills 2 server farm – 1.9 miles of 8 foot tall chain link fencing with electric gates.  This facility is going to be more secure that Lovelock State Pen.  The alligator filled moat permit is pending.

Montage Resales – Interesting, a couple of units bought at the nadir have just been listed at a 50% premium and cresting $200/sf.

Belvedere – They are floating 900 SF 2 bedroom units on Craig’s List for $160,000.  No comment.

Sierra Vista Condos – 567 W 4th Street in the heart of our al fresco adult entertainment district, is offering a 550 SF “Cozy 1 Bedroom Units” for $66,000.  Could be quite a deal versus $20/hour, and there is an on-site laundry facility.