FA couple notable downtown permits today.  Whitney Peak Hotel fka CommRow fka Fitzgerald’s pulled a $1,250,000 permit for the renovation of 191 hotel rooms, corridors and stairways.  The permit was approved 2 November 2012.  Could getting the permit formally issued be a “permit maintenance” strategy or is construction actually (finally) imminent? Given that the Plan Check fee was only $5000 and the Permit fee is $15,000, I suspect this is for real.

Get ready for the Singer Social Club.  They just pulled a $60,000 Remodeling permit for 219 W 2nd Street, formerly the Babylon nightclub.  SSC has not registered with the Secretary of State yet, so I can’t report who is behind the new venture.  It will sure be nice to get that corner cleaned up.

HERE is the complete list of building permits pulled last week in Reno.