Some Reno permit updates from the last 2 weeks:

–  TCA Properties, APN 212-112-01.  This is the SW corner of the Robb / I-80 intersection.  A permit valuing Grading and Site Improvements at $1,000,000 has been issued and terraforming has already begun.  You can use the Search This Site field to see all the past posts on TCA.  310,000 SF retail with no announced tenants, filling in an existing major drainage way 120′ deep.

– 236 N Sierra – $10,000 Interior Demolition.  This is the back end of the old Golden Phoenix fronting Sierra that once housed the Vino restaurant.  It is owned by the CommRow / Whitney Peak folks, so maybe they really do intend to improve their super block.

–  10735 and 10791 Double R – 2 new building shells each valued at $354,000.

–  2975 NVA – $100,000 Remodel for the NW section of Rancho San Rafael Park.

–  0 Rio Wrangler APN 141-030-02 – $65,000 Grading permit pulled by the Di Loreto Empire.

–  0 Sugar Creek APN 238-162-05 – $45,000 Subdivision Walls in the first phase of Sierra Canyon II Village 11.  The roads and infrastructure for this phase are now complete.  Sierra Canyon I looks like they only have about 6 lots left until 100% build-out.

–  DR Horton applied for 12 Permits on Bear’s Ranch Drive, property they picked up from Centex in the Cyan project.

Update – Riverwalk Condos.  The Riverwalk HOA received a $2M judgment against the developer for a bit over $2M for a combination of construction defects on a few units and common areas, intentional misrepresentations, and HOA reserve funding issues.  Riverwalk SHOULD be eligible for FHA financing, but it doesn’t seem that they have applied for certification.  More on that in a sec.

–  Riverwalk 2 – Unit 705 was sold in December for $150,000.  It is notable in that it was one of the remaining developer owned units.  similar units were going for over $450K in 2006.

Update Condo Financing – HUD / FHA has pretty strict definitions on condo projects available for their funding programs, and the condos must apply for certification.  Here is a list of condo projects in RENO and SPARKS that have applied for certification and can offer FHA financing.  Note that almost all of the certifications have expired, including the Palladio.