MarmotLogoCongratulations to my friends and clients at the Marmot Companies for being named to the RGJs list of Entrepreneurs of the Year in the Small Business category.  They have made huge contributions to the renaissance of Midtown and beyond.  For those of you too tech savvy or just plain cheap to subscribe to the print version of the RGJ, you can find the article HERE.   Well, 99% of it, due to the limitations of my scanner.

The article is an interview with Eric Raydon aka “Smart(ass) Marmot” who handles the big picture financials (and who finally gave up on his “geography is destiny” self quote).  Bryon handles the down and dirty construction, while Gary handles the real estate transactions and cash flow modelling.  I’m sure glad that they haven’t asked me about their nicknames!

Being a bit on the inside, all I can tell you is that these guys are for real.  They are funded, aggressive and progressive.  And they are looking to take their vision beyond Midtown into unexpected niche markets all around Reno.  Stay tuned.