KeystoneInmageNo big news on the Foreclosure Status Report – January = December.

NODs remained virtually unchanged at 236 in January from  237 in December, up from the 152 in November.  NOSs came in at 136, down a bit from 145 in December and 154 in November.  TDs fell slightly to 71 in January from 79 in December and 86 in November.

Some more interesting things:

–  Del Webb’s Sierra Canyon sold 40 SFRs in their final Village 10 of the original Sierra Canyon project in 2012.  They pulled 9 additional permits in January (all on Del Webb Parkway West), as well as 4 on DWPW  and 2 on Summertree completing the sales center area in December.  There can’t be more than 20 lots left before SCII will have to kick off.  Site work on Village 11 is well underway.

–  Keystone  Community –  I wrote a bit about the Keystone Community over on TOB.  What is currently proposed on the eastern portion of the site – 203 unit of student oriented housing.  HERE is the site plan.  You can access the more complete document that went though Planning HERE.

–  8220 Standing Stone – This is a gated lot in the “exclusive” Boulders area of the Sette.  It originally sold for $488,835 in 2006, before being resold as a foreclosure for $45,000 6/2012.  More than a 90% drop in value.  A site grading permit was issued last week.

The Diane Unit – Diane Cohn started blogging about Reno real estate before blogging was cool.  Over her years, the “perfect for entertaining” and “this one won’t last” morphed into “has a safe room”.  The end may have come when she spied a fellow realtor ripping out their shrubbery pre-foreclosure over the fairway as she was burying gold ingots in her backyard.  She quit Reno, went on to pen the slit your wrists tofumary blog (now locked), found out that Big Macs cost more in Ecuador than in Sunnyvale, and is now back in Incline pimping high end real estate, since they aren’t making anymore.  Quite a ride.

I think I found the original RRB through a mention on the RGJ back in 2006, and was fascinated.  “GreenNV” became a frequent commenter, and was eventually asked to become a blog author/contributor.  And boy, did I stir the pot!  But when RRB became marketing instead of community comment focused, it was time to move on.  You can still access the original RRB HERE. 

Best of luck Diane!