aceballGet ready for the first full contact city council meeting tomorrow. It is available live on Charter channel 213, or streaming HERE.  The big issues will be the refinancing deal with the Aces.  You can go HERE to download the  staff reports and back up information.

I reluctantly support this deal, and laud the current council for shit-canning the earlier deal Mayor Bob signed off on and making a better one.  There is a lot to hate on all sides on this deal, but approving the deal is in the best interest of Reno.  The cost over the first 5 years is pretty minimal, though I worry a lot about years 5-10, when the assumed Fire Station Bond payments go away and become a general fund obligation.

From moi point of view, the Aces Stadium has had ZERO impact so far as a catalyst for economic development in the area.   Salvage the deal, but don’t give anything else away.

Also up tomorrow is the rezoning of a portion of the University Farms holdings along McCarran for commercial / industrial use.  This one is a no brainer, but will be debated endlessly.  UNR wants to be able to  develop their holdings along McCarran, and has agreed that Wolf Pack Meats can stay.

Watch and get involved. It’s your town, and your voice really does make an impact.