British sign language letter ASign of the Times Housing (SOTT) has hit Reno’s Craig’s List.  They provide assistance renting your pre-foreclosed house for fun and profit to maximize your benefits as you go tank your property.

The benefits for the renter?  Cheap rent (which I wouldn’t pay in this situation – sue me if I default on your default!), 60-90 day free rent during the eviction process, and cash 4 keys potential.  Down sides?  You might have to move a lot, and to the best of my knowledge, renting out a property that you are in default on is illegal in Nevada.

Even superstar realtors are  advocates of this approach.  Check out the most recent CL posts 1 and 2.  from the leader of the Reno Real Estate Investor’s Group (search it on U-Tube for videos).

So rent your foreclosure.  Thoughts?  I think you just stay and work all the angles and get the cash 4 keys for yourself and call it a day.