icefogI jumped the gun releasing December and Annual numbers, thinking that today was a holiday.  A few TDs and NOSs trickled in.  Then the blockbuster – 78 NODs were filed today, increasing the monthly total by more than 50%.  Almost all of these NODs were filed by Wells Fargo, and I can’t find any real pattern to them.  Some were old World Savings loans, some Wachovia, and some WFB.  A few were re-filings of old NODs, but most seem to reasonably recent defaults.  I wonder why WFB finally pulled the trigger?

So for December, NODs rose more than 50%  to 236 from 152 in November and 80 (an anomaly) in October.  NOSs dropped a bit to 144 from 154 in November and 139 in October.  TDs dropped to 7 in December from 86 in both November and October.  The chart with all the data is HERE – double click for the numbers.  For 2012, 1375 Notices of Default were filed in Washoe County, slashed from 4606 in 2011, 8504 in 2010 and 10,305 in 2009.  Notices of Sales slid to 2231, from 5668 in 2011, 7213 in 2010 and 6480 in 2009.  Trustee’s Deeds slid to 1510 from 3558 in 2011, 3399 in 2010, and 3361 in 2009.