265 exterior 2I’m a bit tardy reporting on outcome on Cat Pee House, aka 265/267 Thoma Street.  A very strange transaction that had been current with seller financing for over a decade before the “owners” defaulted.  It was the first “find” I referred to the Marmots.  They bought it , and I ended up as the architect for the renovation.

Do you remember the “before” shots?  See this photo stream from Rick Chapman Photography.  Icky does not capture the existing conditions.  Vile and disgusting fits the bill.265 Kitchen  And oh, the aroma!

So here is how CPH turned out.  Kudos to the Marmots for their vision in transforming what appeared to the world as a tear-down into an asset for the West of Wells community.  And thanks to Albert Lewis Photographer for the images.  (you can see and buy his AMAZING photo essay Born To Run about Alaskan sled dogs – great Christmas present!)



CPH_marmot0021CPH_marmot0031CPH_marmot0035CPH_marmot0052Remember the brick chimney?  Re-utilized as the back patio.