This is 2990 Slater, the November month to date median priced Washoe County home sale.  Not to go all bear on you, but it sold for $167,000, or about 15% under the October median.

Here’s my methodology – I download the year to date sales file from the Assessor, select Single Family Residence, select homes built 2010 or earlier, and select Good Sale code 2D to eliminate bank foreclosures, sort by price, then count.  Not perfect, but I’m consistent.

TOB has a different methodology since it is based on MLS data, but I will include their numbers for comparison so you can see how are numbers have been tracking.  Our trends should coincide pretty well.
November median SFR sale to date:  REreno:  $167,000.  RRB:  NA

October – REreno:  $190,000.  RRB:  $180,750.

September – REreno:  $185,000.  RRB:  $176,500.

August – REreno:  $190,000.  RRB:  $175,000.

July – REreno:  $177,000.  RRB:  $165,000.

The REreno figures average about $12,000 over the RRB figures but are pretty consistent.

So what is up with the November median?  Data blip or a major cooling off in our marketplace?